Documents the translation status of the LyX web site

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Note that in the tables below, red indicates a page where the original version, i.e. the one in the group Web/, has been more recently edited than the page in the translated group.

1.  Translated Hungarian web pages

  • Translator: "Alex" - Szőke Sándor
  • Pages last updated: July 31, 2015
English Hungarian
Web/ WebHu/
Pages Translated pages

2.  Translated Spanish web pages

  • Translator: Ignacio García
  • Pages last updated: January 27, 2017
English Spanish
Web/ WebEs/
Pages Translated pages

3.  Translated German web pages

  • Translator: Hartmut Haase and Uwe Stöhr
  • Pages last updated: January 27, 2017
English German
Web WebDe

4.  Translated Japanese web pages

  • Translator: Koji Yokata
  • Pages last updated: August 25, 2017
English Japanese
Web/ WebJa/
Pages Translated pages

5.  Translated French web pages

  • Translators: Jean-Pierre Chrétien (jpc), Siegfried Meunier Guttin-Cluzel (sgmc) and Alain Didierjean (adj)
  • Pages last updated: August 21, 2017
English French
Web WebFr

6.  Translated Portuguese web pages

  • Translator: Diego Queiroz
  • Pages last updated: August 20, 2012
English Portuguese
Web WebPt