LyX New Features, Roadmap and Task list

New Features of LyX

Road Map

This is the roadmap and tasks planned for LyX in the immediate future. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

  • Development Version (2.1.0)
2.1.0in preparation
2.1.0 RC1released 2014-03-26
2.1.0 beta2released 2013-11-24
2.1.0 beta1released 2013-07-31
  • Stable Version (2.0.x)
2.0.8in preparationlist of changes so far
2.0.7released 2014-01-24list of changes
2.0.6released 2013-05-09list of changes 2013-01-07list of changes
2.0.5released 2012-11-12list of changes
2.0.4released 2012-07-02list of changes
2.0.3released 2012-03-01list of changes
2.0.2released 2011-11-30list of changes
2.0.1released 2011-09-05list of changes
2.0.0released 2011-05-08list of new features

There's also a user-contributed list of wanted features that we would like to implement eventually. We're looking forward to patches that implements these features or documents that outline how support for a specific feature could be done.