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Warning: The information on this page is out of date / never finished. /Christian

There are three different kinds of mirrors:

  • www mirror
  • ftp mirror (user and/or devel)
  • svn/git mirror

1.  Mirroring ftp

You can create a mirror of the ftp sites in these ways:

  • ftp
  • rsync

2.  Mirroring web pages

You can create a mirror of the www pages in these ways:

  • using anon svn
  • using rsync
  • using wget (or other slurping software)

To be a www mirror you should have php on your www server. (I think I want to require this for national lyx mirrors.) If you don't have php you have to use wget or something similar, but then you lose all the nice dynamic stuff.

3.  Setting up a mirror of www.lyx.org

Construction recently (2008-07-17) started on this section.

Aspects to setting up a mirror of www.lyx.org.

  • Checking out the code via SVN
    ... ?
  • Downloading copies of the sources of the web pages
    See below.

3.1  Pages to download

Here are commands for downloading the sources of the web pages. Please place yourself in the correct directory before executing the commands.