The following table details the current state of the translations of the LyX GUI for the LyX stable branch (version 2.3.8dev), which will become the next maintenance release.

For the translation status of the development branch (version 2.4.0), please refer to this page.


  • Language: The supported languages. The list is ordered by completeness.
  • Translated: The number of translated messages.
  • Fuzzy: The number of fuzzy messages; these are not considered for LyX output but solely serve as a hint for the translators.
  • Untranslated: The number of untranslated messages; the default language (i.e., English) will be used instead.
  • The color indicates completion status:
    • dark green: translation completed.
    • light green: translation more than 66% completed.
    • orange: translation more than 50% completed.
    • red: translation less than 50% completed. These translations are likely to be dropped from future releases of LyX, if no further work is being done on them.
Language Translated Fuzzy Untranslated Revision Date Translator
Czech7300002022-11-15Pavel Sanda
French7300002023-08-16Jean-Pierre Chrétien
Italian7300002024-04-06Enrico Forestieri
Slovak7300002023-11-07Kornel Benko
German7298112022-12-04Jürgen Spitzmüller
Japanese7298112022-12-20Koji Yokota
Brazilian Portuguese7298112022-12-04Georger Araujo
Russian7298112022-12-10Yuriy Skalko
Ukrainian7298112024-02-11Yuri Chornoivan
Dutch7296222022-11-24Niko Strijbol
Swedish7296222022-12-03Jim Rotmalm
Interlingua726426102020-03-14Giovanni Sora
Basque716689452018-02-17Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
Simplified Chinese70621081302018-09-13Winfred Huang
Spanish67972582452017-11-27Ignacio García
Norwegian (Bokmål)64755113142016-04-07Helge Hafting
Portuguese60968044002014-10-03Jorge Pinto
Traditional Chinese60888114012014-04-11Mingyi Wu
Arabic604412211342019-04-11Hatim Alahmadi
Bulgarian555410057412019-04-23V. Jeliazkov
Hungarian540410778192018-11-20Szőke Sándor
Finnish528673612782017-11-14Jari-Matti Mäkelä
Norwegian (Nynorsk)521412578292014-01-24Ingar Pareliussen
Indonesian517713038202014-03-28Waluyo Adi Siswanto
Polish496313959422012-11-03Michał Fita
Greek429917428272018-02-19Οδυσσέας Δαγκλής
Hebrew3838174117212019-10-29Guy Rutenberg
Turkish3717215614272009-05-25H. İbrahim Güngör