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Essay: Introduction to LyX
What's the big deal about LyX? What does WYSIWYM mean?
The LyX License
LyX is released under the GPL as permitted by the contributors to the LyX project.
The people that have contributed to the project.
Versioning system
There are certain rules how the LyX version numbers are assigned
Press about LyX
LyX has been reviewed and talked about in both paper and electronic media. This page has the links.
Books about LyX
There have been written books and tutorials on LyX. This wiki page has the links.
Hebrew LyX Pages
by Ran Rutenberg.
History of LyX
See the Wikipedia entry, and Archaeology page.
Nice summaries about source code can be found at Open Hub.
How to cite LyX
You can help to spread the LyX popularity by giving it citation.