LyX is an open source project whose goal is to make great software available freely to everyone. LyX is developed by volunteers from around the world. We work in our free time, and do our best, but we need your help to improve continuously! Whether or not you're a programmer, your skills can probably come in handy. If you have a question about how you can help with LyX, send an email to the developers' mailing list and we will gladly come up with ideas.

1.  Do you have a few bucks to spare?

If you want to show your support to the LyX effort, please consider making a donation. See our donations page or mail Lars Gullik Bjønnes for information on how to get your money to Norway, or what your donation will support.

2.  Do you know C++ or Python?

I want to help with LyX developing - FAQ

If you are a programmer and can program in C++ or Python, please consider contributing to the coding effort. We've got a page describing the main goals for upcoming versions, and another listing a whole bunch of tasks and feature requests from users. We hope to add these features to LyX eventually. Feel free to get in contact with us and ask any questions you might have. A good place to start would be looking at some of the bugs listed on the bug tracker. We have keyworded some bugs as "easyfix" which could be easily targeted even from newcomers.

So, get the latest Git version, have a look at the code, and see if there is something you'd like to tangle with. Contact the LyX Developers' mailing list and we'll try to set you up.

Don't forget to have a look at our references page. This page includes some of the developers' design documents, along with a set of recommended coding references.

3.  Are you a LyX power user and/or good writer?

If you are a skilled LyX user, you might want to help out with the documentation effort. The LyX documentation is already very good, but the development of LyX is moving faster than the documentation team can keep up! So, if you know how to use LyX, or want to learn, get the latest docs from Git and read the Introduction (available from the LyX Help menu), which contains information on how to contribute to the documentation effort.

Another way to help if you are knowledgeable about LyX is to subscribe to the users' mailing list and help answer questions there.

4.  Do you know English and another language?

The LyX program and its documentation are developed in English. However, many LyX developers and users write or speak other languages. Contributions for LyX internationalization are always welcome. Check out the translation page to see the various ways that you can help.

5.  Do you have free disk space and bandwidth?

Donate that space and bandwidth to LyX by becoming a mirror site for the FTP downloads.

6.  Do you have experience in graphic/web design?

We welcome people skilled in graphic design to help with the look and feel of our website and software. If you are able to contribute your artistic skill, please send an email to the developers' mailing list!

7.  Do you have an idea?

If you have a cool idea for a new feature, or comments in general about LyX, please share them with us. The more feedback we get from the users, the better we know what we should prioritize in the development effort.