Even though LyX is a free program released under the GPL, it costs time and money to develop. If you enjoy using LyX and want to support its development you can make a general donation to the LyX project on the TUG donate page, which collects the donations on our behalf. You need to fill up the "LyX contribution" line and then choose between PayPal or credit card:

TUG donate page.

There is no minimum sponsorship, any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thank you! — The LyX contributors

Unstarted Projects Looking for Sponsors

No project currently.

Already Finished Projects

ProjectDeveloper(s)PayPalMinimum money to get the project startedAmount of already collected money
Change-Tracking enabled Document ComparisonVincent van Ravesteijn Abdelrazak Younesproject done2000 €2000 €
You will be able to compare two documents, LyX will generate a third document with the differences between the two documents appearing as track-changes. (See bug 1897 for more detail.)
Commercial or Institutional SponsorsBeslist.nl
Individual SponsorsKen, Glenn Williams, Silvio Grosso (twice!), Christopher Dole, Wolfgang Engelmann, Arthur Kuo, Vítor Manuel Geraldes Fernandes, 2 anonymous
ProjectDeveloper(s)PayPalMinimum money to get the project startedAmount of already collected money
Continuous spell checkingAbdelrazak Younesproject done1000 €1000 €
The text will be spell checked as you write and misspelled words will appear with wavy underlining. (See bug 718 for more detail.)
Commercial or Institutional Sponsors 
Individual SponsorsErez Yerushalmi, Marius Ionescu, Someone from Broadcast Equipment Ltd, Claudio Coco, Christopher Reeve, Cathal Heavey, Kenji Sihan, Guillaume Pothier, Zanden Frederick, Frank Petitjean, Liviu Andronic, Silvio Grosso (twice), Jakob Beetz, Michael Gasperl, Nicolas Chopin, Tobias Böhler, Christopher Johnston, Peter Buxton, Christian Niedworok, Vassil Iordanov, Tamas Kodacsy, Juwita Busah, Tobias Böhler, Jean-Christophe Marly, Xuezheng Chen, Peter Baumgartner, Bernhard Bloechl, Frank Grimm, Eli Brosh, Stefano Franchi, Niklas O V Hulden, Ian Warford, Tobias Böhler, Philipp Schaer, Robert-Josef Prillinger, 4 anonymous

Suggestions for sponsoring

Ideas for project can be collected from trac (search for enhancement request in http://www.lyx.org/trac) or from the wiki (http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/FeaturePoll).

Sponsored development rules

  • All new development happens in trunk (what will become the next stable version).
  • There are no special commit rules (or exceptions) for sponsored development.
  • Development is open to anyone.


Note that the PayPal address is different for each developer. If you already have a PayPal account you can use the PayPal address obtained by clicking on the name of the developer. (replace AT with @.)

We will automatically put your name up on this page as thanks for your sponsorship. If you prefer anonymous sponsorship, please append [ANONYMOUS] to the "item" field of your PayPal contribution. In this field you should also specify the project you want to sponsor

If the minimum amount of money for the project to start is not reached, and if the developer is not willing to proceed, the collected contribution will be automatically donated to the LyX PayPal account unless you appended [NO DONATION] to the "item" field in the PayPal contribution. For the money to be redirected to any other project append [ANY] to the "item" field.

Companies or organizations can contact the listed developer directly if they want to write a regular contract or need an invoice.