Note: This page is kept for historical reasons only.

KLyX is a port of LyX version 0.12.0 to KDE that was done primarily by Matthias Ettrich and Kalle Dalheimer. It has not been developed actively for several years and therefore lacks many of the features and bug fixes of more recent LyX versions.

KLyX is based on the Qt toolkit and KDE libraries and had many UI improvements over the standard LyX version of the time. However, LyX version 1.3, released in February 2003, shipped with a frontend based on the Qt toolkit. The LyX team continues to work on the UI and KLyX features such as multiple toolbars was finally seen in LyX version 1.4.

One important piece of information for KLyX users thinking of moving back to LyX: LyX ships with scripts that can convert existing KLyX documents to the current LyX file format. So, what's stopping you?