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1.  Server transistion TODOs

Summarize here unresolved issues for server migration

Also see Will eventually make one set of items to do.

2.  To do

2.1  Convert the backend of the News-stuff into a simpler solution

Convert the backend of the News stuff into a simpler solution that stores the news items in a wiki page.

Jean-Mar preferred all the news items to be kept on one page.

It must be possible to display a few of the latest headlines on the main web page.

This has probably been done lots of times before, so ask on the pmwiki list before implementing something yourself. /Christian

2.2  Modify links to .lyx files

It seems to make sense to change the MIME type of .lyx files, if it isn't too much work:

2.3  Graphic design stuff

  • Here's a nice screenshot showing some cool math stuff (associated LyX file is here. Feel free to use this for any purpose. The LyX file contains a float table, as well as some other elements.
  • New front page graphic here: HomeNewGraphic

2.4  Walkthrough is done from pictures in version 1.3.

2.5  Walkthrough should perhaps be internationalized?

The original LyX graphical tour seems to have been internationalized for the languaes:

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Spanish

Do we want to do this? It's probably easiest to set up separate language pages and ask people to translate them.

The old LGT files (except the images which are in images/LGT/) have been copied to misc/LGT/. Then the directory LGT/ was removed.

3.  New stuff to add

  • Add an FAQ? Maybe people more familiar with the questions that are repeatedly asked on the users list can think of some content for an FAQ page.
  • provide output samples (DVI, PDF) somewhere (under About

> LyX or Visual Tour)

  • New intro pages:
    • LyX for LaTeX users
  • Add Installation Instructions?
  • Talk about web forum interface using Nabble
    Some very simple forum stuff can be done through extensions to pmwiki. chr?
  • Add Screencasts/InsertFigures.htm demo to features graphics

4.  Guidelines

  • Note that there's a restriction in the toc, so my suggestion is to primarily use level-3 and level-4 headers, i.e. !!! and !!!!. (level-2 and level-3 also works, but it's good to later be able to use level-2 for multi-page pages ... I can explain this later. chr?
  • Online HTML -> PmWiki conversion:
  • pmwiki automatically displays links ending with e.g. .jpg as an image. However, if the link doesn't end in an image, here's a trick that usually works:
    Append &dummy.jpg to the URI. Pmwiki will see that it ends .jpg and show it as an image, and the source of the link will typially ignore the extra argument. chr?