Getting source code with Subversion

1.  Introduction

LyX source code was moved from SVN to GIT. There are still few leftovers tracked by Subversion (SVN) though. You can get a lot more information on Subversion and/or download the code from its home page. We recommend that you read the documentation and the Subversion FAQ.

2.  Modules

There are two active modules in the current Subversion repository:

This repository holds some contents of our www pages (
This repository holds dictionaries and thesauri used by LyX (mostly downloaded from OpenSuse repositories).

While they are not in use anymore, these ones are kept for their historical interest:

This repository hosted the LyX source code. The development of the forthcoming major release took place in trunk and the minor (maintenance) releases were prepared in branches. The forthcoming stable version resided in the most recent branches/BRANCH_X_X_X directory.
This repository contains various .lyx files that may be useful for testing purposes.
This is the old stable release branch. No more work is being done on this branch.
This is the old and unstable development branch, and is not in use anymore.
This used to hold the developer www pages. The contents has been merged into subdirectory devel of www-user
Documentation for LyX 1.3.x is kept here (in the BRANCH_1_3_X branch) and folded in to the doc directory before release. It is not used anymore for the main trunk, since the documentation has been moved in the lyx-devel module.

3.  Trac source browser

Using SVN, you can download a whole module with just one command. If you want to look at just one SVN file, consider using Trac source browser. Trac is a tool that allows, among other things, for browsing an SVN repository and gives the possibility to browse diffs between arbitrary versions as well as reading log files and the like.

The Trac source browser for the LyX SVN repository is at the LyX home page. Most probably, though, you want to download a whole module. If so, read on.

4.  Anonymous SVN login

From within the directory where you want to place your local copy of the sources, do:

 svn co svn://

Of course you can say svn co svn:// www-user instead, depending on which module you'd like to download.

5.  After the first download

If the code is updated, just cd to the lyx-devel directory and say:

 svn update

This will magically download or patch only those files which have been changed or added, saving you (and the server) lots of time.

If you just want to check what's changed in your local copy as opposed to the repository, do:

 svn status

If you want to check what's changed on the server, but not yet updated to your local copy, do:

 svn status -u