Graphical profile of LyX

1.  Graphical profile of the application

2.  Graphical profile of the web site

3.  Graphical profile of the wiki site

4.  General thoughts

4.1  Comments from Andrei

Some comments from Andrei, as interpreted by Christian:

  • Mostly, for the project like LyX, I believe that graphical profile should be just a palette of colors and the logo.
The only additional thing we could do is a custom 'mathy' font face, incorporating some characters used in math formulas, ...
That would require a lot of work though!
  • For LyX, I would say, it's more important <compared to how e.g. IBM do it, Christian's note> to have a logo and template that look nice and pleasing to the eye.
  • There will probably be many other sites that use similar color scheme, unless we do bright yellow on orange design, which is bad for other reasons. So, a casual user or someone entirely new won't think 'of course that's LyX color profile', but instead will think 'this design is nice' or 'this design isn't very nice' where the first reaction is preferable.
  • People will remember the Platypus, though, but we already have that. So, to sum up, we should have a color scheme that will be shared between site template and splash screen, and probably use a standard font face like Verdana or something similar for now, and have the Platypus as the main recognizable identifier of all things LyX.