The LyX community has for a long time felt that the old site needed a major overhaul. The new LyX web site has finally gone live with what we hope is a cleaner and more useful design.

Redesigning the web site

The design and implementation of the new site went quickly and smoothly thanks to the contributions of several people. We especially wish to thank Rex C. Eastbourne for getting it all going. Rex is a new LyX developer who felt that re-designing the web site would be a good way to start contributing. With help from his web designer friend Andrei and from Joost Verbug, an old LyX hand, they pushed things along at breakneck speed. So fast, in fact, that Christian Ridderstromm, who implemented the backend could barely keep up with the changes. Most of the details of these events can be found in the users' and the developers' mailing lists.

Finally we also wish to acknowledge the many LyX users and developers that contributed with opinions about the structure and design of the new site.

2008 -- The LyX contributors