Here you can find links to other software that can be useful when working with LyX.

Note: If you use the installers/packages for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, the required software will be installed automatically.

1.  Required Software

Qt - user interface toolkit
Qt 4.8 or 5.6 is recommended. You can look here for more details about version dependencies.
Python - scripting language
Required for configuration and conversion scripts. Tested with version 2.7. Python 3.0 is work in progress.

1.1  Document typesetting

(La)TeX distribution
In order to properly use LyX to create documents, you'll need to have a LaTeX installation. You can use TeXLive or MikTeX on Windows and *nix, or MacTeX on Mac OS.

1.2  Image conversion

ImageMagick tools
LyX used ImageMagick to convert your images when no other converter is available. For manipulating with Postscript files you will need Ghostscript too.

1.3  Spell checking and dictionaries

More spellchecking backends are supported:

the spell checker used by OpenOffice and Firefox. Dictionaries of OpenOffice can be reused (alternatively they can be grabbed at our mirror repository).
GNU Aspell
is a Free and Open Source spell checker supported by LyX. It is said to do a very good job of coming up with possible suggestions. Dictionaries are available here.
wrapper that provides automatic access to many spell checking libraries (ispell, aspell, hspell, hunspell, etc.).
Thesaurus and its dictionaries
LyX ships the MyThes library itself, however, it does not ship any thesaurus dictionaries, and those do have to be installed separately. The OpenOffice thesaurus dictionaries can be reused or again grabbed at our mirror repository).

2.  Optional Software

2.1  LaTeX packages

CTAN - The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network.
Since LyX is based on LaTeX, practically any tool made for use with LaTeX can be used with LyX. The CTAN is an archive of packages, tools, documentation and much more about LaTeX, and therefore an invaluable resource if you want to become a power user of LaTeX (and LyX).

2.2  Document viewing

Adobe Reader
The well-known PDF Viewer
Free PDF Readers
Free and Open Source alternatives to the Adobe Reader
GSView or gv
PostScript viewer, requires Ghostscript to work. Note that once Ghostscript is installed a many convertors from/to Postscript will be installed simultaneously.

2.3  Reference managers

BibTeX reference manager for all platforms (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux)
BibTeX reference manager for Linux/GNOME
BibTeX reference manager for Linux/KDE
BibTeX reference manager for Mac OS X
Firefox extension; available extension for LyX: Lyz

A more extensive list of reference managers can be found on the LyX wiki.

2.4  Various Convertors

Metafile to EPS Converter
For proper conversion of EMF/WMF images on Windows
dot -> pdf using Graphviz, which is a FOSS suite for producing large graph/network diagrams.

UnRTF: rtf -> html conversion tool.

html2latex: html -> tex conversion tool.

LaTeX2rtf: tex -> rtf conversion tool.

TTH, HEVEA, LaTeX2HTML: various tex -> html convertors

eLyXer: lyx -> html conversion tool.

TeX4ht: tex -> odt/html convertor.

Writer2LaTeX: odt -> tex convertor.

Grace convertor: agr -> png/jpg/pnm conversion tool.

LilyPond convertor: ly -> eps/png/pdf conversion tool.

PS2EPS: ps -> eps conversion tool.

librsvg, Inkscape: (not only) svg convertors.

Multimarkdown to LyX: Multimarkdown to LyX conversion tool.

2.5  Typesetting tools

ChkTeX Homepage - performs typographical checking.
LyX can use ChkTeX as an aid to find common typograhical errors in your document.
NoWeb - literate programming.
Use LyX to write programs whose documentation and manuals are included in the program.
Sweave - literate programming.
Tool that allows to embed the R code for complete data analyses in latex documents.
Knitr - literate programming.
A comprehensive R package derived from Sweave with a different design that includes code formatting, highlighting, caching, fine control of graphics, conditional evaluation, multiple markup formats and other features.
The SGMLtools homepage - DocBook support (only for LyX < 2.4)
If you want to create documents using the LinuxDOC DTD that is used for the Linux Documentation Project to create documents in a variety of different formats, you'll need to get the SGMLtools. From LyX 2.4 onward we produce Docbook version 5 (XML based) which does not need SGMLtools.
Dvipost - post-processor for DVI files created by LaTeX and TeX.
It can be used for special modes that normally need DVI drivers such as dvips. It supports layout raster, change bars, and overstrike mode.

2.6  Scripts and add-ons

Many useful scripts can be found in LyX Wiki.