The LyX Graphical Tour - Page 4

Version 1.0a - Feb. 2, 1999

Now let's try a bit of math. (See the Insert menu to guess how I did the footnote!) Simply click on Math->Math mode.
This inserts a small blue box which will contain the math.
Start typing. To get a superscript, press "^" (a subscript is "_"); this raises the level of the box to inform you that you're in a superscript.
To get a Greek letter (in this case, "pi"), click on Math->Math Panel,
then Greek (in Greek letters),
then finally on pi. Voila', pi. Of course, there are much faster ways of doing this, like "\pi", but keyboard shortcuts and TeX commands are a whole other tutorial!
Let's finish this off and see how it looks.
Okay, now something a bit uglier. Use the Math Panel again to get an integral symbol,
You can use Math->Fraction to enter fractions, etc.

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