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Version 1.0a - Feb. 2, 1999

Now I know most of you are about to click the "mailto:" address at the bottom of this page to tell me I misspelled "beautiful" on the math screenshots. Aha! I say. Allow me to demonstrate the spellchecker. Click on Edit->Spellchecker and start it running. Our misspelled word is highlighted. Click on the correct spelling and then "Replace word" to fix it.
Notice that I can make the footnote box "collapse" by clicking on the "foot" tab. This way, it doesn't clutter up the text. Okay, winding up. To emphasize text, type the text,
highlight it,
and press the "!" button. This changes the text mode to "emphasize", which happens to be an italic font change.
Almost all TeX and LaTeX commands can be inserted into a LyX file, if LyX doesn't natively support a LaTeX directive that you need. So, a little pontification ...
Now insert the (in this case, plain TeX) code, highlight it, and click on the red TeX button. Beautiful ...

Well, I hope that's given you a good flavor of how LyX works. If it looks promising, download it and try it out. There are example files and extensive documentation in the package to help you get going. Good luck!

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