The LyX Graphical Tour - Page 2

Version 1.0a - Feb. 2, 1999

Let's change a few paper defaults before we go any farther. Click on Layout->Paper.
This pops up a dialog box.
Click on Paper Size, and select USLetter.
Set the margins to something reasonable. Notice that the title has moved up the page, since the margins are now smaller than the default. You will see this change only on paper; the LyX screen will appear to be unchanged.
Now, let's add an abstract. Type in the words,
then, you guessed it, click on the format menu and select "abstract".
Hmm, that looks a bit too small. Let's change the paper's base font size from the default 10 pt to 12 pt. Select Layout->Document
then click on Font Size;
this will make things a bit more readable.
Now add a section header. You know the mantra by now: type in the words
click on the format menu, select "section".
Let's add a subsection (your turn to guess), and finally a bit of text and see how we're doing.
Not bad, a few more subsections and more text ... and now an itemized (bulleted) list, also using the format menu. Oops, started a second page. LyX correctly splits the list over the pages.

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