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1.  Contributors

If your name doesn't appear here although you've done something for LyX, or your entry is wrong or incomplete, just drop an e-mail to the lyx-devel mailing list. Thanks.

Ronen Abravanel
Support for feyn diagrams
Maarten Afman
Dutch translation team member
Hatim Alahmadi
Arabic translation
Asger Alstrup
General hacking of user interface stuff and those other bits and pieces
Jesper Stemann Andersen
Danish translation
Pascal André
External style definition files, linuxdoc sgml support and more ftp-site ftp.lyx.org
Liviu Andronic
Romanian localization and support for the frletter document class
Georger Araujo
Brazilian Portuguese translation
João Luis Meloni Assirati
Added support for unix sockets and thence the 'inverse DVI' feature
Patrick Atamaniuk
fix-cm module
Gioele Barabucci
ACM-SIGS layouts
Özgür Uğraş Baran
New commandparams structure, Nomenclature inset
Susana Barbosa
Portuguese translation
Yves Bastide
Bug fixes
Heinrich Bauer
Fixes for dvi output original version of page selection for printing
Georg Baum
tex2lyx improvements, bug fixes, unicode work
Hans Bausewein
"case insensitive" and "complete word" search
Kornel Benko
CMake build system, Slovak translation, Advanced search with format
Lorenzo Bertini
Bug fixes
Jacob Bishop
APA 6 Layout
Punyashloka Biswal
Bug fixes
Graham Biswell
Small bugfixes that were very hard to find
Lars Gullik Bjønnes
Improvements to user interface (menus and keyhandling) including a configurable toolbar and a few other (not so) minor things, like rewriting most of the LyX kernel. Also previous source maintainer.
Alfredo Braunstein
A (pseudo) threaded graphics loader queue, lots of fixes, etc.
Martin A. Brown
Docbook fixes
Christian Buescher
User-definable keys, lyxserver and more
Johnathan Burchill
Ported John Levon's original 'change tracking' code to later versions of LyX. Numerous bug fixes thereof.
Francesc Burrull i Mestres
Catalan translation
Sergiu Carpov
Bug fixes
Humberto Nicolás Castejón
Spanish translation of the Windows installer
Matěj Cepl
Improvements to the czech keymaps
Albert Chin
Bug fixes
Henry Chern
Russian translation of documentation
Yuri Chornoivan
Ukrainian translation
Eugene Chornyi
Windows installation improvements
Jean-Pierre Chrétien
French translations
Claudio Coco
Italian translation
Sam Crawley
Compare-feature fixes
Tommaso Cucinotta
Advanced search feature
Thibaut Cuvelier
Windows compatibility patches, DocBook backend
Matthias Kalle Dalheimer
Qt2 port
Ulysse Danglis
Greek translations
Ewan Davies
doxygen to LFUNs.lyx conversion
Jack Dessert
Patches for configure.py
Min Ding
Chinese (simplified) translations
Alexander Dunlap
Improvement to recent files support
Anders Ekberg
Improvements to the Swedish translation of the Windows Installer
Martin Engbers
icon loading tweaks
Matthias Ettrich
Started the project, implemented the early versions, various improvements including undo/redo, tables, and much, much more
Baruch Even
New graphics handling scheme and more
Dov Feldstern
RTL/BiDi-related fixes
Daniel Fernández
es/ca translations
Udi Fogiel
RTL/BiDi-related fixes
Michał Fita
Polish translation
Ronald Florence
Maintainer of the OS X port(s)
José Ramom Flores d'as Seixas
Galician documentation and localization
John Michael Floyd
Bug fix to the spellchecker
Nicola Focci
Italian translation of documentations
Enrico Forestieri
Italian translations, many bug fixes and features
Gilbert J. M. Forkel
Bug fixes
Eitan Frachtenberg
BibTeX annotation support
Darren Freeman
Improvements to mouse wheel scrolling; many bug reports
Max Funk
Bug fixes
Edscott Wilson Garcia
Bug fixes
Ignacio García
Spanish translation of documentations
Michael Gerz
Change tracking, German localization, bug fixes
Stefano Ghirlanda
Improvements to lyxserver
Shankar Giri Venkita Giri
Mingw-w64 build fixes
D. Gloger
Inkscape External Template
Hartmut Goebel
Improvements to Koma-Script classes
Riccardo Gori
Fixing tabular code
Peter Gumm
XY-pic manual
İbrahim Güngör
Turkish translation
Hartmut Haase
German translation of the documentation
Helge Hafting
Norwegian documentation and localization
Jessica Hamilton
Haiku OS support
Jan Niklas Hasse
File opening enhancement
Richard Kimberly Heck
Bug fixes, layout modules, BibTeX code, XHTML export. Current stable branch maintainer.
Bennett Helm
Maintainer of the OSX ports, taking over from Ronald Florence
Kevin B. Hendricks
Author of the MyThes thesaurus library
Claus Hentschel
Win32 port of LyX 1.1.x
Josh Hieronymous
XHTML and ePub Improvements (GSOC Student)
Christopher Hillenbrand
User Interface Improvements
Claus Hindsgaul
Danish translation
Martin Hoffmann
Dialog usability fix
Winfred Huang
Simplified Chinese Localization
John Hudson
Documentation updates
Bernard Hurley
Fixes to literate programming support
Marius Ionescu
Romanian localization
Bernhard Iselborn
Some minor bug-fixes, FAQ, linuxdoc sgml support
Masanori Iwami
Development of CJK language support
Michal Jaegermann
Fix to a very hard-to-find egcs bug that crashed LyX on alpha architecture
Harshula Jayasuriya
Fix docbook generation of nested lists
David L. Johnson
Public relations, feedback, documentation and support
Joice Joseph
Support for Malayalam
Robert van der Kamp
Various small things and code simplifying
Amir Karger
Tutorial, reLyX: the LaTeX to LyX translator
Zahari Dmitrov Kassabov
Bug fixes
Carmen Kauffmann
Original name that is now two characters shorter
KDE Artists
Authors of several of the icons LyX uses
Andreas Klostermann
Gtk reference insertion dialog
Timo Kluck
Dutch translation, icon fixes
Italian localization of the interface
Scott Kostyshak
Small UI fixes
Michael Koziarski
Gnome port
Peter Kremer
Hungarian translation and bind file for menu shortcuts
Marcus Kriele
Fixing various sv* layouts
Valeriy Kruchko
Russian translation of the user interface
Peter Kümmel
Qt4 coding, CMake build system, bug fixing, testing, clean ups, and profiling
Bernd Kümmerlen
Initial version of the koma-script textclasses
Joel Kulesza
User interface improvements
Felix Kurth
Support for textclass g-brief2
Rob Lahaye
Xforms dialogs and GUI related code
Jean-Marc Lasgouttes
configure and Makefile-stuff, many bugfixes and more. Previous stable branch maintainer.
Victor Lavrenko
Russian translation
Angus Leeming
GUI-I-fication of insets and more
Edwin Leuven
Tabular and misc UI stuff
John Levon
Qt2 frontend, GUII work, bugfixes
Ling Li
Added native support for \makebox to mathed. Several bug fixes, both to the source code and to the llncs layout file
LibreOffice Team
Libreoffice Icon Theme
Tomasz Łuczak
Polish translation and mw* layouts files
Hangzai Luo
Mohamed Magdy
Arabic translation
Jari-Matti Mäkelä
Contribution to the Finnish Localization.
Tetsuya Makimura
Improvements to the Japanese language support.
José Matos
linuxdoc sgml support. Previous release manager.
Roman Maurer
Slovenian translation coordinator
John McCabe-Dansted
Keys-test module, bug fixing
Caolán McNamara
Support for the enchant spell checking library
Tino Meinen
Dutch translation coordinator
Siegfried Meunier-Guttin-Cluzel
French translations of the documentation
Günter Milde
Unicode and layout file fixes
Dustin J. Mitchell
Fix for csv2lyx
Joan Montané
Catalan translations of menus
Stéphane Mourey
New lfun server-get-statistics
Guillaume Munch
Several bug fixes, mainly mathed
Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio
Basque documentation and localization
Daniel Naber
Improvements to the find&replace dialog
Pablo De Napoli
Math panel dialogs
Phillip Netro
Review of Manuals
Dirk Niggemann
config. handling enhancements, bugfixes, printer enhancements path mingling
Jens Nöckel
Mac OS X enhancements
Rob Oakes
Improvements to the outliner.
Oxygen Team
Oxygen Icon Theme
Carl Ollivier-Gooch
Support for two-column figure (figure*) and table (table*) environments. Fixed minibuffer entry of floats.
Isaac Oscar Gariano
Improvements to math autocorrect
Gilad Orr
Hebrew translation.
Panayotis "PAP" Papasotiriou
Support for kluwer and ijmpd document classes
Andrey V. Panov
Russian translation of the user interface
Dal Ho Park
Korean translation
Andrew Parsloe
Module updates
Idan Pazi
Windows-specific fixes
Bo Peng
Conversion of all shell scripts to Python, shortcuts dialog, session, view-source, auto-view, embedding features and scons build system.
John Perry
Named theorems module.
Joacim Persson
po-file for Swedish, a tool for picking shortcuts, bug reports and hacking atrandom
Zvezdan Petkovic
Better support for serbian and serbocroatian
Prannoy Pilligundla
Full screen statusbar toggling
Geoffroy Piroux
Mathematica backend for mathed
Benjamin Piwowarski
AppleScript, integration with bibliography managers
Neoklis Polyzotis
Keymap work
André Pönitz
mathed rewrite to use STL file io with streams --export and --import command line options
Kornelia Pönitz
heavy mathed testing; provided siamltex document class
Bernhard Psaier
Designer of the LyX-Banner
Thomas Pundt
initial configure script
Zheru Qiu
Chinese localisation
Allan Rae
GUI-I architect, LyX PR head, LDN, bug reports/fixes, Itemize Bullet Selection, xforms-0.81 + gcc-2.6.3 compatibility
Manoj Rajagopalan
reference dialog tweaks
Daniel Ramöller
UI improvements
Vincent van Ravesteijn
lots of fixes
Adrien Rebollo
French translation of the docs; latin 3, 4 and 9 support
Garst R. Reese
provided hollywood and broadway classes for writing screen scripts and plays
Bernhard Reiter
Gtk frontend
Ruurd Reitsma
Creator of the native port of LyX to Windows
Bernd Rellermeyer
Support for Koma-Script family of classes
renyhp (c/o J-M Lasgouttes)
Support for hepnames/hepparticles
Michael Ressler
documentation maintainer, AASTeX support
Richman Reuven
Hebrew localisation
Christian Ridderström
The driving force behind, and maintainer of, the LyX wiki wiki. Swedish translation of the Windows installer
Julien Rioux
Bug fixes, lilypond and revtex support, citation modules.
Bernhard Roider
Various bug fixes
Michael Roitzsch
Fixes for the Nix package manager
Jim Rotmalm
Swedish translation
Paul A. Rubin
Major rework of the AMS classes
Dima Ruinskiy
Reintroduction of Windows Vista support (bug 10186)
Guy Rutenberg
System call fixes
Ran Rutenberg
Hebrew translation
Pavel Sanda
Czech translation, added various features, lfuns docs/review. Current release manager.
Szõke Sándor
Hungarian translation
Janus Sandsgaard
Danish translation of the Windows installer
Stefan Schimanski
font improvements, bug fixes
Horst Schirmeier
small fixes
Christoph Schmitz
Contribution to German manuals
Hubert Schreier
spellchecker (ispell frontend); beautiful document-manager based on the simple table of contents (removed)
Ivan Schreter
international support and kbmaps for slovak, czech, german, ... wysiwyg figure
Eulogio Serradilla Rodríguez
contribution to the spanish internationalization
Nickolay Shashkin
Omer Shechter
Hebrew Localization
Miyata Shigeru
OS/2 port
Alejandro Aguilar Sierra
Fast parsing with lyxlex, pseudoactions, mathpanel, Math Editor, combox and more
Lior Silberman
Tweaks to various XForms dialogs. Implemented the --userdir command line option, enabling LyX to run with multiple configurations for different users. Implemented the original code to make colours for different inset properties configurable.
Waluyo Adi Siswanto
Indonesian translation
Yuriy Skalko
Russian localization and documentation, bug reports and fixes, updating of code
Hernán Gustavo Solari
bash-completion fixes
Giovanni Sora
Interlingua translation
Andre Spiegel
vertical spaces
Jürgen Spitzmüller
Many bugfixes and features. Former stable branch maintainer.
John Spray
Gtk frontend
Ben Stanley
fix bugs with error insets placement
Uwe Stöhr
Current documentation maintainer, Windows installer, bug fixes
Niko Strijbol
Dutch translation of the user interface
David Suárez de Lis
maintaining es.po since v1.0.0 and other small i18n issues small fixes
Peter Sütterlin
aapaper support, german documentation translation, bug reports
Stefan Swerk
europasscv support
Kayvan Aghaiepour Sylvan
noweb2lyx and reLyX integration of noweb files. added Import->Noweb and key bindings to menus
TaoWang (mgc)
translation of documentation and user interface to Simplified Chinese
Sergey Tereschenko
Russian translation of the user interface
Reuben Thomas
ENTCS document class and lots of useful bug reports
Dekel Tsur
Hebrew support, general file converter, many many bug fixes
Matthias Urlichs
bug reports and small fixes
H. Turgut Uyar
turkish kbmaps
Mostafa Vahedi
Farsi support and translations
Marko Vendelin
Gnome frontend
Joost Verburg
A new and improved Windows installer
Martin Vermeer
support for optional argument in sections/captions svjour/svjog, egs and llncs document classes. Lot of bug hunting (and fixing!)
Veselin Jeliazkov
Bulgarian localization
Jürgen Vigna
complete rewrite of the tabular, text inset; fax and plain text export support; iletter and dinbrief support
Pauli Virtanen
Finnish localization of the interface
Ramanathan Vishnampet
Support for g++ on 4.8 Mac
Patrick De Visschere
Improvements to the CMake build scripts
Herbert Voß
The one who answers all questions on lyx-users mailing list and maintains www.lyx.org/help/ Big insetgraphics and bibliography cleanups
Andreas Vox
Bug fixes, feedback on LyX behaviour on the Mac, and improvements to DocBook export
venom00 (c/o J-M Lasgouttes)
Bug fixing
Jason Waskiewicz
Layouts for the Tufte document classes
John P. Weiss
Bugreports and suggestions, slides class support, editor of the documentationproject, 6/96-9/97. Tutorial chapter 1
Edmar Wienskoski
literate programming support; various bug fixes
Mate Wierdl
Maintainer of the @lists.lyx.org mailing-lists
Sergei Winitzki
updates to the Scientific Word bindings
Stephan Witt
support for CVS revision control, native spell checker interface for Mac OS
Jürgen Womser-Schütz
Improvements to the Include File dialog
Russ Woodroofe
question layout environment
Mingyi Wu
Chinese (traditional) translations
Roy Xia
Yihui Xie
Bugfixing, Chinese translation, Sweave support
Huang Ying
Gtk frontend
Koji Yokota
Japanese translation
Abdelrazak Younes
Qt4 frontend, editing optimisations
Yitzhak Zangi
Hebrew Localization
Kees Zeelenberg
Dutch localization
Henner Zeller
rotation of wysiwyg figures
Xiaokun Zhu
bug reports and small fixes
Jiaxu Zi
Chinese translation

2.  Supporters