LyX Development News

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Lissener hispert, "Whats the matter?"

I hispert back, "O what we ben! And what we come to!"

Quote of the month

How many legs will a cow have if you call its tail a leg?

- Lars Gullik Bjønnes

CJK LyX 1.3.0 for Qt

CJK LyX (LyX for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean documents) now works with the Qt frontend, and can be found here. It's based on 1.3.0 due to some problems with math fonts and locales in Qt.

Configurable toolbars and the new icons

The Qt LyX frontend has had the ability to have multiple configurable toolbars for quite some time. It didn't work particularly well, however. The current CVS tree includes some changes to make toolbars work better, including the ability to make them automatically appear when entering a formula or table. Work is still underway to improve the usability of the toolbars; currently several of the math and table functions are not disabled/enabled properly, and do not "toggle" as they should. Note that LyX is unlikely to ship with the auto-toolbar set by default, as it is very distracting for many people, but it is easy to turn on.

In addition, the old icons, which were looking a little tired, have been replaced with a new set, mostly sourced from the excellent icons done by the KDE artists.

New menu layout

After several months of brewing, the new layout for the LyX menus was finally applied to current CVS. The aim of the re-working is to make the menus smaller, more logical, and easier to get to grips with for the new LyX user. Of course, this means that existing LyX users will have to re-learn some of their well-worn keyboard shortcuts; however, you needn't worry, since the old layout is still available under the name "classic". But a short while forcing yourself to relearn the shortcuts you use is probably worth it, if only because parts of the new menu layout mean you need to use the mouse even less than before.

Recent developments

Lars Gullik Bjønnes has been working on a patch so that, finally, labels such as "Chapter" and "Subsection" are translated to the document language inside LyX as well as in the final document, and continuing on his five-year mission to implement an STL-like paragraph list, explore strange new bugs, and to seek out new features and new Boost libraries, and generally stuff like that.

André Pönitz has been hacking on his C++-based reLyX replacement, tex2lyx, and doing lots of internal reworking.

Michael Schmitt's patch to allow LyX to work with uninstalled LaTeX classes was finally applied. This means that you can create and edit LyX documents even if the LaTeX class is not available. Of course, you can't view any of the LaTeX-based output formats; but this is primarily useful for editing documents on different machines without having to change the LaTeX installation.

The humanities of LyX

There was a interesting recent thread on the lyx-users mailing list, after Jeremy Wells asked :

Has anyone here used Lyx to write a humanities thesis? If so, are there any tips/tricks that you could offer?

Jeremy is a Word user considering moving to LyX, but was concerned about the learning curve, and whether LyX was capable enough for what he needed. It's worth noting that good bibliography support is particularly crucial for the typical humanities writings. Several people responded describing their success in writing theses and papers on topics ranging from linguistics to law and social science.


This is just a partial list of some bugs recently fixed.

The Qt frontend's minibuffer key for completing is now 'Tab' in order to match XForms. A large number of cursor drawing problems have been fixed.

Bugzilla bugs marked as FIXED since the last LDN

IDLyX versionSummary
335 CVS don't display graphics show wrong message on doc load
457 CVS "Tabular Material" is awkward
778 CVS layout-copy/paste is broken by design
782 CVS Unsuccessful search leaves the cursor at the end of the document
791 CVS ERT inset drawing errors
809 CVS LyX resets document class if the TeX class is missing
842 CVS configure reports error for reLyX
862 CVS support for eqref
866 CVS insert citation dialog can't be closed with Enter
993 1.3 MakeDisplayPath is a big fat liar
1002 1.3 Polish translation is hosed
1013 CVS decrease depth doesn't fix up the par's depth values
1015 CVS citation dialog ui sucks
1034 CVS Nicer toolbar icons
1051 1.3 Float placement setting gets lost
1063 CVS Initial screen font does not match preferences
1068 1.3 "mail" paragraph layout in LLNCS document class is incorrect
1075 1.3 Numbering Depth and TOC Depth are reversed
1095 CVS centralise cursor hide/show code, fix cursor droppings
1107 1.3 Word count problem