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As he lay there dying, he reflected that God had been rather mean. Here he'd been so faithful to his belief, never wished for food when he was starving, or a lover when he was lonely - and he'd been so lonely. He felt cheated, as if God had taken advantage of him. He felt somehow that God hadn't been a very good sport.
But a few minutes before he died he happened to glance back at the rest of the zoo, at the rest of the world.
He leaped to his feet, shocked at what he saw.
For he saw that God hadn't answered his wish at all.
And he realized that had he not taken his own life, God would have granted one of his great wishes, because He hadn't made the flowers giant. He'd merely made the cage, the giraffes - and the man, very small.

LyX 1.3.0 released

Well, it finally happened. LyX 1.3.0, including the new Qt frontend, is now available. Read the details in the announcement and download it from the usual place. Remember you may need the latex-ttf-fonts package in the contrib directory of the FTP site if you're running a modern distribution using fontconfig, and using the Qt frontend. Enjoy !

LyX for Win32 1.30 is available too. CJK LyX 1.3.0-4 is also out. This requires a patched xforms library, as explained in the announcement.

Recent developments

The change tracking support discussed before was merged almost as soon as the CVS tree opened up for 1.4.0. A number of fixes have landed on the stable branch as well (this is what will become 1.3.1). André Pönitz has started work on tex2lyx, a C++-based TeX parser. The hope is eventually this will become a reliable way of managing round-trip conversions to and from LaTeX and LyX files. This is a big deal for those who need to share their documents with LaTeX-using colleagues. In the meantime, Angus Leeming has been working on a number of fixes to the existing Perl-based reLyX, amid much cursing on the wiseness of regexp-based parsing. Angus has also been doing loads of work on reducing bloated code to do with the dialogs and the insets.

John Levon has re-worked the spell-checking code. This fixes 10 or so bugs, and should mean a mis-configuration no longer makes LyX hang for 15 seconds, amongst other things. LyX will now give you the error message back from the spell program you're using. This code is in the development tree, and is likely to be included in LyX 1.3.2.

Dekel Tsur has been working on fixing the behaviour of the math symbol fonts under the Qt frontend. Hopefully LyX will now show symbols in ERT when the correct fonts aren't installed, instead of showing some random symbol, as happened on some systems.

Alfredo Braunstein, a relatively new face in LyX development, has been working on cleaning up and improving the way we load images. Things should hopefully work a lot better when he's done, and the work may be back-ported to the stable series. Juergen Spitzmueller, amongst other things, updated the graphical tour with some Qt eye candy.

The release of LyX 1.3.1 by Jean-Marc Lasgouttes is imminent, and will have some important bug-fixes.


This is just a partial list of some bugs recently fixed.

André Pönitz fixed an annoying bug when reading brackets in formulas.

Bugzilla bugs marked as FIXED since the last LDN

IDLyX versionSummary
377 1.3.1 Wrong message on failure to load graphics
380 1.3.1 Mathed forgets clipboard contents after editing
555 CVS -isystem preprocessor flag prevents detection of <X11/xpm.h> and <X11/forms.h>
558 CVS start spellchecking immediately on open of dialog
686 CVS Feature request: delete empty math box with delete/backspace key.
722 CVS Error importing table (due to empty cells?)
738 1.3.1 revert on unsaved doc is dumb
773 CVS qbibtex dialog needs some rework
788 1.3.1 non-gui lyx doesn't work with qt-compiled lyx (lyx -e fails)
844 1.3.1 Paper package overrides paper size when it should not
849 1.3.1 qt tabular dialog changes buffer unnecessarily
861 1.3.1 Graphics dialog: Changing the width unit for output has strange side effect on origin
865 1.3.1 Qt doesn't delete lyxpipes
874 1.3.1 LyX won't build with glibc 2.3.1 (strerror problem)
884 1.3.1 Double A shortcut in spellchecking dialog in Qt version
885 CVS QDocument extra margins logic wrong
907 1.3.1 bib-files are sorted in lyx-xforms 1.3.0 and later
918 1.3.1 In paragraph dialog, line spacing and no indent having same accelerator
920 1.3.1 Disabling inline graphics does not disable graphics conversion
921 CVS Default button issues in Qt dialogs
923 1.3.1 Lecture Notes in Computer Science layout doesn't have floats
925 1.3.1 Compound superscripts do not work