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Then ee welcome
Then ee arth welcome
in LyX Development News

Quote of the Month

André Pönitz is not happy with Lars Gullik Bjønnes's name change :

> The best would probably be do create four rpms. (or three)
> ipzone-xforms
> ipzone-qt
> ipzone-common
> ipzone-doc

Ok. And what is the reasoning behind the change of LyX's name into

LyX 1.2.3 released

A new release of the stable version of LyX was made by Jean-Marc Lasgouttes early in the month. This release fixes a serious problem when configuration fails during build (/dev/null got deleted !), LyX zombies due to auto-save and a couple of other more minor bugs. It is suggested that if you build 1.2.2 that you check /dev/null is still present on your system.

Read the details in the announcement and download it from the usual place. CJK-LyX and LyX for Win32 1.2.3 are also available for download.

LyX 1.3.0 pre-releases

LyX 1.3.0 is close to hand. Lars has done some pre-releases to allow some wider testing. You can download the third pre-release here . Please give a try if you want to help with testing. Note that there are no Qt frontend RPMs yet available (though you can still build from source).

Call for translations

A number of the translations of LyX's interface are out of date with recent changes in CVS. If you can speak English and another language, please consider contacting us and helping with the translation effort. Currently da, de, es, and fi are all quite up to date. Other languages are lagging seriously behind.

CJK LyX work

CJK LyX is a version of LyX with support for Eastern languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (hence the name). It has existed as an external patch for a long time, mainly because the necessary changes were difficult to do, and not clean enough for the main distribution (requiring over-riding of X functions to display the characters in the menus etc.). In addition, the LyX core must use a multi-byte storage for text, and support for an "input method" is needed. Angus Leeming has been working with ChangGil Han, the maintainer of CJK LyX on cleaning up this work for eventual inclusion in the main LyX distribution. ChangGil is planning to submit patches for xforms support of input methods (input methods are X's mechanism for entering CJK-like text, necessary due to the large number of possible ideographs). Things are looking good for native support in the future.


This is just a partial list of some bugs recently fixed.

Bugzilla bugs marked as FIXED since the last LDN

IDLyX versionSummary
180 CVS reLyX does not read protected spaces in properly
436 CVS getChar() crash with attached document
572 CVS H. Alignment is reset erroneously
594 CVS nonumber for gather/multline not possible
644 CVS part of png is not visible when importing image
666 CVS lyx2lyx cannot load this file successfully (elasticity.lyx)
713 CVS qlyxkeysym does not work properly with non-latin1 encodings
725 CVS disable broken xforms XPM image loader
756 CVS ui scale option in graphics dialog is mixed up with width option
758 CVS make rpmdist is problematic with new versions of rpm
761 CVS lyx2lyx does not ignore \lyxvcid and \lyxrcsid
762 CVS lyx2lyx does not ignore \cursor
770 CVS cursor down jumps out of inset in inset
779 CVS LyX/qt always appears at coordinate (0,0) of screen
785 CVS QDocument packages item bad UI
799 CVS Shrinking the file dialog makes LyX crash
816 CVS Conversion of fig inset fails
817 1.2 configure script can delete /dev/null
819 CVS Spurious spacing after math formula
824 CVS file dialog needs directory mode
827 CVS tgif graphics cannot be displayed on screen anymore
828 CVS Spellchecker dialog is too small
829 CVS Thesaurus dialog is way too large
833 CVS error in export (dvi,postscript) when using more than 77 floats in class report
850 CVS opening qt tabular dialog when cursor is outside can crash lyx
854 CVS Changing the viewer makes creating DVI files impossible
855 CVS Crash in Qt Preferences Dialog with File Formats
856 CVS Table of content window is sorted incorrectly