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There is life outside computers. Yes, really. I don't just mean the Big Blue Room either. My recent short holiday in Victoria was terrific. Of course it helps if you spend time with good friends. Thanks Russell. Thanks Emma. The Great Ocean Road is everything the tourist guides say it is and more -- that's where you'll find wind-swept, ocean-pounded, rocky outcrops and cliffs.

While in Melbourne for the Bach Festival that was part of the Melbourne Festival I got along to several different street and theatre performances and can definitely recommend Strange Fruit and a must-see little troupe called "born in a taxi".

If you're in Melbourne between now and the 25th of November get along to the Women's Circus production "The Island". I missed it but did get to see "Women's Circus Photographs". which is a free exhibition at the Arts Centre.

On a more serious note I have to wind back my LyX involvement even further and concentrate on finishing my thesis. I'll still write LDN but codewise I'll have to restrict myself to testing (use LyX to write my thesis) and bug fixes (those annoying ones that stop me from doing my writing). Now that Angus is working wonders pumping out GUII XForms dialogs I feel I can safely step back and hand my baby over to him. I want to put together a History of LyX GUII similar to the A Brief History of ERT I did in the third issue. That'd make a nice fat entry for the tenth issue if I can get it done for next month.

I didn't get around to chasing up those missing mail archive links from last month's issue so they may never get done. I have a bunch of quotes that have been banking up so I'll use them all in this issue because I always seem to end up quoting something that appears a couple of hours before I publish LDN.

Quote of the Month

That's (mostly) fine with me, I was just trying to criticize code I had not written, in order to feel important :)

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

Another Quote

Anyway, I got like 8 million of these [compiler can't inline call warning messages].
Why does nearly every file compilation get this?

Amir Karger

That just shows how many files are dependent upon the use of maps and other tree based STL containers.

Allan Rae

Oh, so actually we should be *proud* we're getting so many warnings, because it shows how STL-compliant we are now!


From what I read in the STL sources, it seems that a creative programmer decided to declare 'inline' a recursive function. We are lucky that the compiler does not generate a 10Gb+ binary :)

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

Yet Another Quote

I _never_ said that (it is Asger and Jürgen that claims that their code do not have bugs), my code ave bugs all the time.

Lars Gullik Bjønnes

What means "claim" here?! There are NO bugs in our code!

Jürgen Vigna

I said "claim" only in the context that making a formal (mathematical) proof that your code does not contain bugs take too much time.


The Friday the 13th Quote

Angus Leeming encountered some problems compiling LyX because a C library function didn't exist on his system.

Tru64 Unix 4.0f running on a Dec Alpha. Don't give me shit about upgrading my entire system to run a bloody word-processor ;-).

— Angus Leeming

I don't care shit about word-prcessors, I care about modern C++ programs. (and in this case modern C programs).

Lars Gullik Bjønnes

So we'll be able to drop autoconf soon? We just have to replace the INSTALL file with:

LyX only works with modern compilers and operating systems. If your system does not conform to latest standards, do not even bother to ask (especially on fridays).

Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

Jupp, that should do it.

Lars Gullik Bjønnes

Remember Friday is No-Smiley Day.

The Quote from just hours before LDN is released and isn't in the archive yet

BTW, I see you use Xform in a lot of names. The real name of the toolkit is Xforms, but maybe you just don't care :)

— Jean-Marc Lasgouttes

I think Lars would reply "Nada, nada, nada...", but since I've no idea what this means I'll just say, "So sue me"!

— Angus Leeming

In portuguese that means:
    nothing, nothing, nothing
    swim, swim, swim
Now you choose. ;-)

— José Matos

Belated Thank You: Scary Equations

Way back in July, Walter Landry, answered my call for scary equations to include in my LyX presentation for the Conference on Computational Physics. Walter wrote his thesis on fully relativistic simulations of coalescing neutron stars so this should fit in very nicely with the conference.

Rolling along: LyX-1.1.6

The first prerelease was made available on the 26th of October but only announced on the developers list. The second prerelease should be out in a couple of days and will be announced on both the developers and users lists. I'd encourage regular users to try it out and help us fix whatever small problems remain. PO file maintainers should also use this coming release to update their translations. A third prerelease will follow later to incorporate whatever updated PO files are received and test any fixes resulting from bug reports. If you aren't subscribed to any of the mailing lists, instructions for joining them and what they cover are available here.

One area that is seeing some complaints is the slow update of tabular insets. Dekel Tsur has done some investigating and found that parts of the tables are being redrawn up to three times. Jürgen Vigna has continued his work on improving support for tabulars including some Purify reports from Jean-Marc. Jürgen has since done some work on resolving the multiple-redraw problem but is concentrating on fixing other problems before worrying about optimizing the redrawing. It looks likely that 1.1.6 may have slower, more capable tables than 1.1.5 unless someone chips in to help Jürgen speed up the redraws.

Update: GUI Independence

A few days before I left on holidays I posted my TODO list of jobs required before 1.1.6 to the developers list encouraging Angus to start work on it while I was away. Well, I got back to a very pleasant surprize: Angus had almost finished the entire list! As a result the Preferences dialog now allows you to change the colour of nearly everything in LyX and to manage the various input and output formats you may wish to convert from or to. Perhaps I should write TODO lists more often!

There have been a couple of long implementation and ideas discussions during this time. An on-going discussion of what should be in the Preferences dialog and one on problems arising in other ports as a result of Angus's implementation experiments in the XForms port.

Mail Threads: LyX Developer

José Matos

Mail Threads: LyX Users

Collected by José Matos, formatted by Allan

As you can see from the list above Herbert Voß is our most valuable resource on the LyX users mailing list. Thanks Herbert.

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