LyX Developers Meeting V - Photo Gallary

Asger's photoshot's

Jürgen happily showing his little son Kai.

Hmm a present for me, papi take my "schnuller"!

Developers working really hard!

Jean-Marc seems to be happy!

We're working till the morning!

Going for have some food.

Not much left of the 'Speck' and 'Kaminwurzen' #:o)

José after the first part of the dinner.

And Andre too.

Lars should not be missing.

Jürgen having to gulp down some wine.

Our LyX User Konni.

Asger making a "auto"-photograph with Jean-Marc.

Andre and Konni

Part of the desert, Asger you forgot to photograph the main meel!

The BOSS of the restaurant.

José still happy!

Jean-Marc smoking a cigarett with Asger!

Jean-Marc smoking a digestive cigarett with Asger!

Hmm José!

After some wine!

Jürgen's sister and his cousin

Still working hard the next day

And discussing how to proceed!

Making mathed working better.

A roundtrip from outside the door!












A beer is always good!

And helps thinking what to code!

Well it sometimes makes sleepy!

This time it was José crashing in the afternoon :)

Landscape at night!

This night we had all fires in the mountains!

Cooking (but Asger forgot to use the flash)!

One of the dinners at home!

And us eating it, really hungry!

Lars still thinking!

Jürgen too!

Jean-Marc and André discussing.

The swimming pool we used to have a refreshing swim!

Konni relaxing from test-working!

And other people too getting some fresh air!

Going for a roundtrip!

To the lake we have been also the last meeting!

Group photo (without Asger)

I find it beatifull up there!

Isn't he cute!

Susana doesn't like to be photograped but Asger didn't care :)

Andre climbing the rock!

Tries for the new development banner!

Final version!

Antonio paid the development team a pizza for having an interview.

Having the pizza at the local pizzeria!
Jürgen's photoshot's
(Sorry for the bad scan quality!)

Working LyX Developers no. X

And another dinner at the pool!

Well one night Asger went into the Bathroom for sleeping, we still ask ourself why! #:0)

While Asger was still sleeping we were having a swim!

Let us see from near, is it José!

Hungry on the road!

Waiting for Jürgen & Co. to catch up ;)

Walking around the lake!

And resting on beautifull spots.

This one is for Konni!

The group relaxed on the lake side.

Before entering the Bar.

Asger eating his "Coupè Denmark", they got him like a tourist :)

Having some beer and ice-cream. Why are Asger and Andre' hiding, they're not that ugly.

Happy after that ice-cream, aren't you? #:^P

The beer is still good, trying another one?

Eating the pizza with Antonio.

And a last photo before driving home.
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